Falling Creek

Tyger Farms

Lake Bowen

Making the new old again.  Look closely at this custom built lake house on Lake Bowen.  Notice the intentionallity behind making the millwork resemble that of a 1950's retreat home with small gaps in the corners and the lack of trim around the doors and the windows.  The request was to make this lake retreat feel as if it had been there longer than the owners.  The result, was the crafting of a beautiful and inviting, non stuffy, relaxed environment that envelops owners and guests as they walk into the front door, checking schedules and responsibilities at the door..

Twin Oaks

This rustic yet refined residence was built with the outdoors enthusiast in mind.  With it's large porches and outdoor living spaces and bountiful windows, it serves as a constant reminder of just how beautiful the natural world is out there.